Tre’von Downey | Age:18

Tre'von Downey

Tre'von Downey

Tre’von admits he hasn’t always been on the right track. In fact, his life could have gone completely down the wrong path without the influence of Unity in Motion. He first got involved with Unity in Motion in 6th grade. He really liked the encouragement the program provided—plus learning non-violent martial arts, volunteering in the community, and helping out and meeting new people—but in high school, things started to get a little out of control.

His grades started to slip and he stopped listening to his mom’s good advice. Tre’von seemed to be headed for trouble. He credits Unity in Motion for his turnaround. They never gave up, even when he might have. The counseling and programs helped him get his grades—and his life—back on track.

As Tre’von puts it, “They stayed on my case so I could stay in the program and be a better kid and student. They offered help when I needed it most and always talked to me about my future.”
The persistence of Unity in Motion leaders Allen and Sam really paid off. Today, Tre’von is a proud graduate of Riverside University High School and he just started on his college degree at the University of Wisconsin—Richland.

He notes that his transition to college life was pretty easy. “It’s like a bigger and better version of high school, but with a little but more freedom,” he says. After all, being on his own isn’t that big a lifestyle change. His mom worked nights, so Tre’von is used to fending for himself.
He hasn’t quite settled on a major yet, but he’s considering pre-law.
What he really wants to do is make his mom proud. And he already has.

What really pushed Tre’von to stay in school and follow through with his responsibilities were the Unity in Motion values he learned from his mentors, Unity in Motion leaders Al and Sam. They helped him keep his eyes on the future and excel in his schoolwork. And Sam and Al and the Unity in Motion team? They continue to check in with Tre’von, even while he’s away at college, to discuss his progress and support him. Unity in Motion has been like family since Tre’von was 11 years old. They aren’t going anywhere, and he’s going nowhere but up.