A Parents Perspective


Q – What was it about Unity In Motion that drew you and your sons to the program?

A – From the start the people theretalked seriously and openly about the long term commitment necessary for success. And that went for the kids, the parents and the tutors. I knew right away this was going to be more than just an after-school club activity. That hit home for me and my stepsons right away.


Q – What have you noticed most about how your two stepsons have changed through their participation in Unity In Motion? 

A – Andrew has been coming out of his shell more, quietly growing more confident and disciplined in his studies. Before we couldn’t get him to pick up a book, now he can’t stop reading. As for Stephen, he too has overcome his shyness and now talks openly about wanting to become an astronomer. All of this personal growth is, in my opinion, a direct result of the tutoring and interaction they have received with Unity In Motion.  


Q – As a parent, what do you see as the number one obstacle youths face growing up today?

A – The whole issue of bullying and standing up for yourself is a huge problem for young kids these days. There’s so many bad influences out there. And that all comes down to too many kids not having the proper guidance and role models to choose the right path. It doesn’t have to be that way, but all too often it is. 


Q – One of the cornerstones of Unity In Motion is the long-term commitment it makes to the development of youth? What does that term “long-term commitment” mean to you?

A – It means we as parents are not alone in the challenge of raising our children up the right way. With Unity In Motion there’s always somebody we will be able to turn to for help so that together we can see to it that these young people get every chance for success that they deserve.


Q – What would you say to other parents who are considering having their children join Unity In Motion?

A – With so many tough stories out there, you owe it to your children to give them every chance to succeed. I can’t say enough about what Unity In Motion is doing for my family, and I know the same can be true for anyone.