Each youth earns each higher color-coded achievement level through hard work, dedication to Unity in Motion principles and standards, perseverance and academic achievement. Therefore, the advancement process through each achievement level is indicative of the endurance of the growing bond and relationship between Unity in Motion and each program participant. Throughout this progression, Unity in Motion is there to provide consistent, ongoing support through programming focused on improving academic performance, developing personal character, and giving back to the community.

Unity in Motion Achievement Process Chart

The top tier is achievement level Black, typically beginning as an adolescent enters high school. These youth now move into leadership roles in their schools and community, and serve as mentors and role models for younger Unity in Motion participants. At this level, students receive college prep classes through a variety of Unity in Motion partnerships, tuition assistance and access to scholarship programs—allowing additional opportunities to overcome the challenging financial and social hurdles that often inhibit Milwaukee’s central city youth from post-secondary educational success.